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Top Questions

What makes inspectagram so different?
It’s built from collaboration among inspectors, builders, lawyers, agents and customers pushing the world forward. This app teaches routine, accountability, organizational strategies and how to use professional creativity to enrich the inspection reporting experience.
What is your cancellation policy?
We understand that things change. You can cancel your plan at any time with no further commitment beyond the billing cycle.
Why is it so expensive?
We're not. It's a tool.  We're not selling a product, we're selling an experience.
Why is it so cheap?
Cuz we’re not greedy. Full stop.

Getting Started Questions

How do I sign up?
Ready to get going? Start by requesting an invite.
Can I invite other inspectors to my team?
Absolutely, if you're the company owner. Just go to your Profile tab and choose Team, then choose Invite. Enter phone numbers and others will get texts with invitation codes.
How does Team Inspect work?
With Team Inspect, many inspectors from the same company can work together onsite, simultaneously building the same report as they go. Ideally, everyone should have cell or Wi-Fi coverage, but even if they don't it'll still work by merging all the data and photos once they're back online.
Will other inspectors have access to my reports?
Not outside your team. Within your team, inspectors will have
shared access.
Are there inspection templates included?
Absolutely. It includes templates for houses, condos, sewer and more. If you want to customize any of the templates, you can create an editable clone of one of them and edit away. We've got over 4,000 templated home Components (things that you'll inspect), templated Pages, and templated Chapters to make it as easy as possible to get up and running quickly.

Billing & Account Questions

Do I need to enter my personal payment details?
No. All this is handled through your Apple account. We don't see any of your payment information.
Do you offer a deal if I sign up for a year?
Absolutely. You'll get 12 months for the price of about 10 months.
Looking to close your account and permanently delete all your data?
We'd be sorry to see you go, but this can be done by going to the Profile tab, choosing Settings, then Delete Me.
Are inspectagram paid plans auto-renewed?
Yes. A paid plan is auto-renewed at the end of each billing cycle. When you subscribe to a paid plan, you automatically activate a recurring payment for the plan.
Does inspectagram provide refunds?
We generally do not provide refunds (please refer to our Terms of Service), and we do not automatically issue account credit for unused time on a paid account. However, we understand mistakes sometimes happen. If you feel you have canceled your account in error, contact customer support and they can evaluate whether you are eligible for an account credit, a promo code, or a refund.

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